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H Plato
Following Bruce’s advice, I picked up a few somfy RTS blinds and using the Zwave-to-RTS-Interface (ZRTSI) module and a razberry device, I’ve had very reliable motorized blinds control over the past 2 years. The ZRTSI has 3 modes, up, down, or stop, so MH can set three positions on the blind.  Coupled with a solar sensor, and an update to oxc (OWFS xap connector), the blinds are almost ‘set-it-and-forget-it’.

The somfy RTS motors are pretty expensive, so I thought I’d try the less expensive somfy zwave motors (called Autoview). I bought mine through blindsgalore, but lowes also sells them. Although the documentation is lacking, I’ve finally got them paired to the razberry, and paired the included remotes as secondary devices so I can have local control.

While the new somfy motors don’t support RTS (or not that I’ve been able to figure out), so I can’t use my RTS remote, the zwave motors are ‘digital’, so they support % change (ie set at 10%, 20%). The ZRTSI doesn’t support local changes — if you change the position on the remote, the ZRTSI doesn’t update the zwave controller, but the zwave motors do.

So far I’m pretty impressed. I’ve updated the razberry module on my github to be able to control them, and have some usercode to send an email when the battery runs down. I’m going to test a bit, and then will include it into master for the upcoming 4.2 release.
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