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minor doc update for get_url


get_url has a lot more function in it than is listed in the html
docs. Might be helpful to update the docs for newbs like me! :-)


     -quiet: no output on stdout

     -cookies 'cookiestr': Uses the specified cookie string for the request.
       The format of 'cookiestr' should be like this: 'name1=val1; name2=val2'.

     -cookie_file_in  'file':  Like the -cookies option, but string
is sent via a file.
     -cookie_file_out 'file':  Generates a cookies string from the
resulting web request.

     -userid 'userid'    :  Use these 2 parms if your web page is protected by
     -password 'password':  'basic credentials' (i.e. you get a browser popup).

     -post 'poststr': Makes this a post request with the specified
name/value pairs
       as the form data, such as: 'name1=val1&name2=val2'

     -header 'header_file': HTTP headers from the server are stored
in this file

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