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Bruce Winter-2
Version 2.101 can be downloaded from here:


New Features:

- Created a MisterHouse Frapper map, so we can see where we all are:

- Matthew Williams created a new, spam free, Wiki here:

- Ron Klinkien has lots of great new info on installing MisterHouse on
Linux at his wiki: http://mrhousefromscratch.tk

- Howard Plato created code/common/azureus_info.pl to display and report
on bittorrent client Azureus stats.

- Neil Cherry created mh/lib/iplcs.pm and X10_iplcs.pm for Linux support
of Smarthome's Insteon interface. He also created code/common/iplcs.pl
to enable, and code/public/iplc.* to test. Code is Alpha level. More
info on Insteon here: http://www.linuxha.com/athome/common/iplcd

- St├ęphane Kattoor created code/common/ical.pl to allow for control of
mh items from any ICal application (e.g. Mozilla, Outlook, or iCal for
Mac). More iCal info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICalendar .

- Matthew Williams added buddy icon capability for AOL/ICQ and added a
new callback to notify mh when the AOL/ICQ connection is lost.

- David Norwood created code/common/weather_tides.pl based on idea by
Joey French. It collects information about ocean tides, moonrise and
moonset from the University of Southern Carolina Tide Predictor:

- Matthew Williams created lib/K8055.pm, web/bin/k8055.pl, and
bin/k8055d.tar.bz2 to support the Velleman K8055 USB 5 in, 8 out digital
IO card: http://www.velleman.be/ot/en/product/view/?id=351346

- Dan Hoffard created code/common/LitterFree.pl which uses X10 to cycle
the litter box based on cat movmemnt.

- Andrew Baker created code/public/schoolday.pl which creates functions
that flag school days.

- David Lynch created mh/lib/TI103.pm for support of ACT's TI-103 interface

- Jason Spangler updated lib/X10_Wish.pm to send, as well as receive,
X10 data via PowerLinc, using the Wish drivers.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes:

- Matthew Williams made some additional updated handy_net_utilites.pl
improve AOL OSCAR.pm support.

- Gregg Liming updated lib/Telephony_xAP.pm to fix a problem with the
2.100 update.

- Brent Gross updated bin/outlook_read to add a -all option to iterate
over all entires, and a -dump_body option to dump the entire body af an
entry and not just the subject.

- Howard Plato updated lib/Caller_ID.pm to added a Format=6 option for
custom scripts such as vocp_callerid.pl

- David Mark updated lib/Group.pm to fix some 2.100 issues.

- Brent Gross updated common/comic_dailystrip.pl to send html as inline
instead of as an attachment.

- Henry Laxen updated web/bin/photos.pl that removes an explicit link to
/ia5 rather than the html_file parameter.

- John Wohlers fixed a bug in internet_weather.pl so the nws_city
configuration parameter works.

- Matthew Williams updated code/public/weather_metar.pl, including
fixing a bug caused by occastional enter a space after ``RMK'' string.
Also moved it from code/public to code/common.

- Matthew Williams updated web/bin/shopping_list.pl with a few
enhancements and bug fixes.

- Chris Barrett updated lib/X10_Items.pm to fix some battery timer bugs.

- Chris Barrett fixed a html formating problem in web/bin/phone_list.pl

- Gaetan Lord fixed a bug in time_date_stamp format=17, where it was
doing a 12, rather than 24 hour format.

- Neil Cherry and David Norwood updated faq 2.15: What is the format of
MisterHouse X10 codes?

- Ben Raymond updated iButton.pm to add (partial) support for DS2409
one-wire net couplers.

- David Mark commented out an uneeded timer in Motion_Item .

- Joel Davidson updated lib/Omnistat.pm

- David Norwood updated uirt2 and usb-uirt, which now use device data in

- David Norwood updated lib/Serial_Item.pm, CM11.pm, and ncpuxa_mh.pm to
add support for sending and receiving some of the rarely used X10 commands.

- David Mark updated lib/Lynx10PLC, Homebase.pm, and Stargate.pm to
support the O and P (ALL LIGHTS ON, ALL UNITS OFF) X10 commands.

- Zen Tormey fixed a 'AOL System Msg' loop in common/internet_im.pl

- Joe Blecher updated Lynx10PLC.pm file to add support for all
EXTENDED_CODE_1 commands. Also created new parameter
Lynx10PLC_MULTI_DELAY that allows multiple packets to be combined
together if they come in separate, but within the specified time of each

- David Norwood updated code/common/internet_logon.pl,
internet_weather.pl, weather_chance_of_rain.pl to make them configurable
via triggers.

- David Norwood fixed a parsing bug in rss_subscriber.pl and removed the
duplicate code for from stocks.pl

- Matthew Williams updated code/common/internet_im.pl to allow a var
option (e.g. var: Object_name state)

- Andrew Baker added an optional weeder_handshake parm to support his
homebuilt board.

- Craig Schaeffer noticed we inadvertantly dropped

- Tom Valdes created a web icon for the shopping application.

- Bill Young patched X10_RF_security.pm to add support for low battery
and tamper indications from wireless devices that support these
features. The new states generated look like AlertTamperMax or

- Peter Sjodin and Rob VanHoboken updated the EIB modules to handle of
physical addresses, allow for timer-driven reading of dimmer state, and
added dimmer and drive (EIS 2 and 7) support in web interface.

- Steve Goldman updated web/bin/weather_rrd_update.pl to make it
compatable with rrd 1.2

- Rick Steeves fixed some bugs in code/common/*weather* code.


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