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Re: flashing lights to signal open doors

Larry Moss
On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Bruce Winter wrote:

> I didn't look at your code, but you can find an example of how to remind you
> of open doors in mh/code/bruce/ .  Look for "The garage door
> has been left opened"

Thanks Bruce.  I had actually looked at that before asking for help.  The
problem I had wasn't with getting the open door reminder, but with setting
something in a way that it would return to it's previous state.  I
eventually found the answer in the manual.  I had overlooked it before.  I
was trying to use a combination of set() and eval_with_timer() when I
should have just been using set_with_timer().  It's now working exactly as
I wanted.

Thanks again.

Larry Moss,
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