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MH time drift

Wayne Gatlin
Hello everyone,

I just moved my MH install to a VM from a Pi and now I am having an
issue with the time randomly drifting in MH. The time on the machine
does not drift at all and MH will keep time for 3 to 5 days,  then
suddenly it will get a few min off and after that point MH will
exponentially get farther off time.

I'm logging the PC time and MH time and I tried setting the $Time_Date
variable with the machine time but that didn't work. Maybe there is
another MH variable that I can update to keep the time in sync.

if ($New_Minute) {
   my $machine_time = `date +"%m/%d/%y %r"`;
   $machine_time =~ s/\r|\n//g;
   if ($machine_time ne $Time_Date) {
     &main::print_log("Time Drif - Misterhouse time = $Time_Date  -
Machine time = " .`date +"%m/%d/%y %r"`."#");
     $Time_Date = $machine_time;


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