Looking for Ryan Davis referent to MPD in MH

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Looking for Ryan Davis referent to MPD in MH

Olaf HB
Hello to all.

I am very interested in controlling an external MPD server through MH.
I found that MH have support for this, but after trying to make a
configuration I can not find the params or options to configure such

Going further I found that the commit which is adding this
functionality isĀ 1768979979bc9f3c3dac01468764a49cb605c10e


But then I realized that this commit is just a comment without any
additional changes.

Doing a little research and with help of Lieven (hollie) I confirmed
that the author of this commit is Ryan Davis.

For sure Ryan took a wrong version of the mp3_mpd.pl file when he made
the commit.

Now I am looking for Ryan Davis to see if is it possible to find the
correct file with the changes to allow MH control an external MPD

I known that has been a while since this commit and probably the file
is missing for ever but I am optimistic.

Maybe someone of you know how to contact him and tell him about this
missing file.

Hope someone can help me.

Have a nice day.


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