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Eloy Paris
Hello everyone,

The Insteon Hub 2 is on sale at -- $39.99 with code
EHUBUP17 at checkout (normal price $79.99).

Does anyone have any experiences to share regarding the use of this
device with MisterHouse in lieu of a serial or USB-connected PLM?

The following page:

says that the "Insteon Hub" (model #2242-222) is supported. This
"Insteon Hub 2" is model #2245-222 though I suppose it is also supported
by MisterHouse.

I only have one PLM so having this Insteon Hub 2 would allow me to be up
and running in little time in the event of a PLM failure.

But I wanted to know if there any gotchas in using a hub instead of a

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone might have.


Eloy Paris.-

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