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HR12A RF remote

Tim Sailer-2
I'm having trouble thinking through logic for controlling things with this
remote. I have the buttons defined like:

X10I,           C1,     button1
X10I,           C2,     button2
X10I,           C3,     button3
X10I,           C4,     button4

depending on if the on or off button is pressed, I want to do something.
My login problem is this. I have the code

if (state_changed $button1)
        set $All_Lights (state $button1);

if (state_changed $button2)
        set $living_room_light (state $button2);

If the livingroom light was turned on manually, and I want to turn it off
with the remote, I first have to press on, then off, because MH doesn't
know the light is on. I know I'm missing something real basic, but how do
you just capture the keypress?


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