Anyone work with the Amazon HA bridge?

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Anyone work with the Amazon HA bridge?

I've got the Amazon Hue Bridge working with misterouse, sort of...  I use this URL to turn lights on and off in my bedroom:

http://<mrhouseip:port/bin/SET;&html_list(group=$ALL_Lights)?$test_light4=on  (or "=off")  

The bridge is running on a different machine than the misterhouse server.  When I test this using the HA confiugrator web page, it works (it turns the light on and off.)  When I tell Alexa to discover devices, it does.  When I say "Alexa, turn on/off my kitchen light", it says "okay", the HA configurator log shows that the bedroom light has been recognized, but ... nothing happens.  I haven't looked at the misterhouse logs yet, but I'm a bit non-plussed.  I'm not sure why there would be a difference between executing the URL using the "test" button on the configurator web screen and executing it as a result of the voice command.

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