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4.3 Beta Testing

H Plato
It would be great to get some feedback/testing/bug reports on the current master before rolling out a release. 4.3 is primarily a bugfix release with a few new features;

- Nanoleaf Aurora Support

- IA7 v1.5
        - Slider controls for numeric objects
        - Simple slider on the floorplan
        - tooltips show for button titles that are truncated
        - Weather RRD ‘live data’ - will refresh every minute and update graph
        - External RRD support.
        - Dynamic tagline and uptime stats

The javascript RRD graphing and the Floorplan are IMHO two dyanmic but probably underutilized features. Both features are mobile friendly, and the ‘developer mode’ that Tobias added to the Floorplan makes icon layout very simple (click developer mode, arrange the icons on the base image, and the MH code is generated at the bottom of the page for you)
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